Airbnb - Let's All #HostWithPride

Let's All #HostWithPride



Let's All #HostWithPride


For Airbnb, the meaning of hospitality goes beyond a place to stay for the night — it signifies a spirit of openness, kindness, and acceptance of others. We worked with Airbnb to create a film for their 2016 Pride campaign which takes a bold look at the power of acceptance.


Client Airbnb
Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Mildenhall
Head of Global Production Rachel Holbrook
Producer Allison Gay
Copywriter Liza Dunning

Production Company & Agency Even/Odd
Director Mohammad Gorjestani
Creative Director & Writer Malcolm Pullinger
Director of Photography Mike Gioulakis
Editor Ashley Rodholm
Composer Keith Kenniff
Color Correction Company 3
Colorist Sean Coleman
Sound Design & Mix Jeremiah Moore

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