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Love Is Welcome Here



Love Is Welcome Here


The theme “Belong Anywhere” is at the heart of Airbnb’s brand, and for the 2015 Pride Celebration they asked us to create a film to embody this idea and help bring awareness to an important issue — the challenges that the LGBTQ community faces while traveling. We crafted a short documentary in which five LGBTQ couples share their experiences and vision for a world where we can all truly belong.


Featured on AdWeek as Ad of the Day


"It's a beautiful set of portraits about love, including historical perspective on challenges in decades past from an older couple and various interviewees' hopes for the future—both resonant messages at a time when there's been progress on equal rights for same­sex couples but acceptance of LGBT people is far from universal."

— Adweek


60 Second Spot

Broadcast and in-theater version


Client Airbnb
Chief Marketing Officer Jonathan Mildenhall
Head of Global Production Rachel Holbrook

Production Company + Agency Even/Odd
Creative Director Malcolm Pullinger
Director Mohammad Gorjestani
Director of Photography Andrew Palermo
Editor Ashley Rodholm
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Sound Design & Mix Joel Raabe
Composer Keith Kenniff

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