Pinterest - Introducing Guided Search

Introducing Guided Search



Introducing Guided Search


For the launch of Guided Search, we worked with Pinterest to create a film to highlight this powerful and intuitive new way to search. Through six different stories, our creative approach centered on everyday moments of discovery, and how they lead to delightful and unexpected experiences, guided by Pinterest.

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Story Vignettes

Alongside the anthem film, we created shorter "vignette" films for each of the Guided Search stories


"The Dutchman"


"Morning Pancakes"


"The Cookout"


"Treehouse Kingdom"


Client Pinterest
Marketing Manager Skip Bronkie

Production Company + Agency Even/Odd
Creative Director Malcolm Pullinger
Director Mohammad Gorjestani
Producer Thorsten Hoppenworth
Director of Photography Mike Gioulakis
Editor Matt Notaro & Ashley Rodholm
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Sound Design & Mix Joel Raabe
Composer Keith Kenniff

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