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"Yassin Falafel" 



"Yassin Falafel"


After leaving Syria as a refugee, Yassin "Falafel" landed in Knoxville, TN. With a small dream to bring the flavors of his country to his newfound home, he started selling falafel and worked to open his own restaurant. Through his business, he sends a resounding message that transcends all dividing lines.

This is the first film in a series exploring America through the lens of small business for Square.


Client Square
Head of Production Justin Lomax
Creative Director Sean Conroy
Editor Carl Sturgess

Production Company & Agency Even/Odd
Executive Producers Malcolm Pullinger & Mohammad Gorjestani
Creative Director Malcolm Pullinger
Director Mohammad Gorjestani
Producer Ashley Rodholm
Director of Photography Devin Whetstone
Composer Keith Kenniff
Post-Production Finishing Mission Film & Design
Colorist Ayumi Ashley
Sound Design & Mix Joe Raabe


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