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Tiltbrush Artist in Residence



TiltBrush Artist in Residence


"How often in a lifetime does a new medium come along?". This idea was at the center of the excitement for the participants in Google's Tiltbrush Artist in Residency Program. Featuring artists Bradley Theodore, Seogwen Chung, and the New Yorker's Roz Chast we delve into the potential of VR as a canvas and what it means for the future of artistic expression.   

Released in partnership with The New York Times


Client Google
Project Lead Tory Voight

Production Company + Agency Even/Odd
Executive Producers Malcolm Pullinger & Mohammad Gorjestani
Director Ashley Rodholm
Producer Taylor Feltner
Director of Photography James Laxton
2nd Unit Director Clayton Worfolk
2nd Unit Director of Photography Noe Chavez
Editor Ashley Rodholm
Colorist Robert Arnold
Sound Design, Mix, Music Wesley Slover, Sonos Sanctus


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