Happy Birthday Project

Short Film Series


Happy Birthday Project

A series on the loved ones affected by police violence in America


The Happy Birthday Project is a series of short, intimate portraits of the mothers, family, and close friends of victims of recent police killings in the US. Stepping beyond the news headlines and political debates, we witness loved ones as they remember, celebrate, and try to come to terms with the tragedies that have captured the attention of the nation and world.



"Happy Birthday Philando Castile"


Less than two weeks after Philando Castile was killed by Police and video of the event was seen by the world via Facebook Live, his closest friends mourn and remember Philando on what would have been his 33rd Birthday.


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Released in partnership with The Guardian

Featured on The Atlantic


"Happy Birthday Mario Woods"


Nearly 6 months after her son, Mario Woods, was killed by San Francisco Police, Gwen Woods visits his grave and the site of the shooting, and speaks to the community in an effort to keep her son's memory and voice alive. 

Released in partnership with The Atlantic and Revolt


"Happy Birthday Oscar Grant"


Oscar Grant was killed by BART Police on January 1, 2009. Every year since his death, his mother, Wanda Johnson, brings the community together on Oscar's birthday to celebrate and remember his life.

Released in partnership with VICE



Executive Producers Ephraim Walker & Andrew Coles
Director Mohammad Gorjestani
Producer Malcolm Pullinger

Generous support provided by The Mission Entertainment, Blackout for Human Rights,
and The Campaign for Black Male Achievement


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