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Square - "Sister Hearts"

For Every Dream: "Sister Hearts"



For Every Dream: "Sister Hearts"


Maryam Henderson-Uloho spent thirteen years in prison in Louisiana, seven in solitary confinement. After her release she struggled to find housing or employment. She began selling secondhand goods out of a suitcase on a street corner in New Orleans. In just three years, she grew her "business" to a brick-and-mortar thrift store — one that also provides housing and employment for other formerly-incarcerated women. She calls those women — and her store — "Sister Hearts".

This is the 4th film in the "For Every Dream" campaign and film series we have developed with Square — a series that explores America's current issues through the lens of small business.


Client Square
Head of Production Justin Lomax
Series Creative Director Sean Conroy

Production Company & Creative Studio Even/Odd
Executive Producers Malcolm Pullinger & Mohammad Gorjestani
Director Mohammad Gorjestani
Creative Director Malcolm Pullinger & Ashley Rodholm
Producer Erick Kweichen & Taylor Feltner
Director of Photography Isiah Donté Lee
Editors Steven Dupré & Carl Sturgess
Music Gene's Green Machine & William Ryan Fritch
Sound Design & Mix Elad Marish (Swell Sound)
Colorist Alastor Arnold (Fotokem) 


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